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Welcome to WC Hosting Privacy Policy

WC Hosting Platform provides the leading packages for web hosting services to help several types of business to develop and grow their website traffic. Our Clients privacy and security is the first preference for WC Hosting and this Privacy Policy is composed to determine how we are using, collecting and protecting your data which you have shared with us while using our WC Hosting services.

Information Collected

  • ⦁ Account Signup Information.
  • When you go through the WC Hosting registration process alternately you provide your email address then further we ask you for some personal information which is necessary to get our services like when you are registering for a domain name that includes your name, address, company name, phone number, geographic location.

  • ⦁ Identity Verification.
  • Before you are applying for the registration domain WC Hosting can collect your verification information like a copy of national id card, passport, driving license or another document to comply with the applicable law of Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

  • ⦁ Payment Information.
  • When you want to use our WC Hosting web hosting, domain name registration services. For that, you have to register and make payment for your selected service. For that, we require you to provide us with the payment information from which you can easily pay and register. We use payment processor services where we do not save any credential information of your credit card.

  • ⦁ Information We Collect When You use the Platform.
  • When you access and start using our platform we automatically store your login data information safely. Here all collected information as your internet protocol (IP) address, Internet Service Protocol (ISP), browser type, date/time and clickstream data. We use the analytic tools to collect information of your interaction with our platforms like what pages or content you have viewed, searches for listings, orderings, bookings that you have made and other information data related to your actions with WC Hosting.We process this all data with your consent in contractual arrangement and obligations between you (client) and us (WC Hosting).

How we use your Data?

    We use and process your data to provide you with the latest information updates of services to maintain a trustful environment with our clients.

  • ⦁ Identification
  • Personal identification of our users is collected, stored and used in the process of registration of our services and also used to provide the upcoming updates or changes or improvements information of WC Hosting.

  • ⦁ To Create and Maintain a Trusted Environment.
  • We verify our customers provided identification such as email, ID number, Phone numbers likewise their (clients) stored data helps us (WC Hosting) to detect and prevent our customer services from fraud, abuse, spam and other unsafe activities.

  • ⦁ To Stay Connected.
  • we collect information about your usage and devices like what type of operating system version, device, the browser version you are using, this information lets us analyze your server related problems from which we can improve and manage our services to make customer acquired service experience more reliable.

  • ⦁ To Send Service and Payment Messages.
  • We use our client contact detail for to contact them regarding usage of our provided services like any of service is temporarily suspended for maintenance, send you reminders or warnings for your upcoming payments of the subscribed services, abuse complaints regarding your hosting plan and this communication is essential which helps you to avoid following possibilities unless we can deactivate or close your account from our platform.

  • ⦁ To Contact You.
  • We access your contact details in order to notify you about updated services and we provide, operate, improve our services to reform or fix collected problems of your account for these resolutions we might contact you through email, phone number, text message.

Other Uses of Your Personal Data.

  • ⦁ Developing Platform.
  • We view customers' feedback regarding our services to oversight and improve the development of our platform to provide you with a more reliable and personalized experience.

  • ⦁ Customer Support
  • We access your contact details data to find out, investigate, resolve and fix the problems or complaints of clients.

  • ⦁ Security and investigation.
  • We recognize the protection of your brand and we promise to furnish the most secured network system tools to protect your brand. For this we collect and use your data. In any case, we reflect that it is necessary for your safety measure's purpose to prevent customer purchased services from fraud, spam and thefts attacks.

Third-Party Services..

    We might perform and transfer your data with the third-party authorization parties such as companies, individuals, organizations under your consent.

    Job applicant information is collected, processed and stored by the third parties under their authorized cloud storage security services.

    WC Hosting has safe security measures to protect customer personal information. We regularly monitor our system programs to prevent the possibilities of physical, social open attacks.

Your Rights.

    You can anytime access for your information, and request us if you want to rectify any incorrect information about you. Customers can also request to delete or erase their data which was collected for some justified purpose.

    You can object for the usage of your personal information when the processing is carried out for some justified reasons so just because of your objection we consider such a request from which we make the action of closure and deactivation of your account from WC Hosting.

Acceptance of This Policy

    We undertake that all our customers of WC Hosting are reading our agreement content of policy carefully. If you are not agreeing with our policy, can stop using our website service. We have the rights to change and modify our policy from time to time on WC Hosting and this policy is the essential part of our terms and conditions.


    If you have any further queries or questions to ask about any of our services and Policies like how we use and how we collect and handle the information then please contact us on our assured contact details.