Terms of Service

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Our Terms



  1. This term of the service agreement is made by WC Hosting and is applied between you (clients) and us (WC Hosting). Please read this agreement carefully; it includes individual rights and rules of our services. If you are using WC Hosting service that means you are accepting our terms of service and other agreement policies. This agreement is as effective till the date of your use of our website services.
  2. We have the right to modify or revise our agreement policies anytime and such changes shall be effectively applied to all our users if you are continuing with our revised modification agreement, if you do not agree with our modified bounds agreement then you have to stop using our WC Hosting website services.
  3. We will notify you whenever we are making changes in our agreement through your email address that is why it is important that you keep your WC Hosting account registration detail true with us and that is your responsibility for failure to receive such email notification because of the inaccurate email address. WC Hosting have the right to terminate your account registration in any case of violence or breach did by you.

Eligibility, Authority

  • WC Hosting services are only used by our client so, you have to register to use our services. By using our services, you are representing that you are at least 18 or above 18 years of age. Under 18 years of age, users are not barred for using our services under the legally stated applicable law authority.

Your Account

  • To access services on WC hosting sites or to use our provided services in that case you have to create an account on our platform website. Please remark that you are signifying all information is correct, current, and complete. If we found that your account information is not correct, incomplete, out-of-date then we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your user account, you are responsible for your activities which are done by using your account, whether it is authorized by you or not, so, it is necessary that you keep your account user id and password safe and secure including your payment method. We recommend you for security purposes that you can change your account password at least once every six months. Please notify or inform us immediately of any unauthorized use of your account.

User Content

  • Our WC Hosting enables some service features that we allow the user or client of our hosting platform to view, store, manage, share, or publish content. You can distribute your content through this site or service, all content that is submitted by you from your account is considered as user content. WC Hosting shall not use any user content which has been private or password protected by you to promote WC Hosting business.

Monitoring of Content, Account Termination Policy.

  • WC Hosting does not screen out any user content to this site, we reserve the right to decide that any item of user content is appropriate with this agreement, so, we might remove the item of user content or terminate them for posting or publishing any other violation related content. In case the user is a repeating offence by posting violation, we terminate your access to this site and services and our hosting service may remove or terminate all the data, and files from its server that is stored by you.

Refund Policy & Payments

  • This statement represents that you agree that while purchasing any of our services your payment method may be charged by our organization entities thereby your transaction will be processed by WC Hosting. This policy states that the any purchased service from WC Hosting you may cancel a service at any time and refund request will be applicable if you are requesting within the refund period i.e. 7 days from the date of transaction, but some product services are not eligible for a refund like if you have already used or performed our setup hosting services than the refund is not eligible yet within the refund period i.e. 30 days. We reserve the right that we can anytime update our price and fees of our services plans and such changes are effective for all services, if you have just purchased our service for more than a 1-month period then our changes in service price and fees may come up effectively.

No Spam, Liquidated Damages

  • We monitor all traffic to identify the spamming and control the spam abuse complaints if we find out there is a problem with spam, so, we will take appropriate action to resolve the situation.
    If we determine that any account or services are associated with that spam we might immediately suspend or terminate their account.
    We insist and stimulate all our clients who have registered for our services to inform the suspected spam

Trademarks and Copyright.

  • This policy statement is to terminate the WC hosting customer account in any type of repeated violation of copyright and trademark work or any other intellectual property. WC Hosting is committed to protecting your legal rights and supports the protection of intellectual property even if you are a holder of a trademark. Copyrights, service mark. If you like to submit a violation report of a trademark claim on which you hold the valid registered trademark or a copyright claim on which your hold is valid.